Pathways to Opportunity: Kickoff Learning Session

America’s growing inequality divide is one of the most pressing issues of our time. Join us for this important session open to all SV2 Partners to learn what we can do to address the problem here in the Bay Area. In this first session in a three-part series, we will explore the key levers in creating greater pathways to opportunity such as education, workforce development, and other evidence-based pathways.

Come hear a panel of experts to kick off a year-long SV2 focus onPathways to Opportunity, featuring an impressive panel of speakers with leading academic research, philanthropic and practitioner backgrounds, including:

  • Dr. David B. Grusky, Professor in the School of Humanities and Sciences, and the Director of the Stanford Center on Poverty and Inequality. The Stanford Center on Poverty and Inequality provides research, policy analysis, and training on issues of poverty and inequality. This includes research highlighting the causes of poverty in California, and an opportunity plan for reducing it.
  • Eric McDonnell, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President, United Way Bay Area. Eric provides strategic and operational leadership to enable the United Way to deliver high quality programs and community impact across the San Francisco Bay Area
  • Rick Williams, Chief Executive Officer of the Sobrato Family Foundation. SFF’s mission is to promote access to high-quality education, career pathways, and essential human services, as it seeks to make Silicon Valley a place of opportunity for all its residents.

Our next two learning sessions, in October and November respectively, will identify the key drivers for impacting outcomes in education and workforce development. We will be announcing dates for these sessions as soon as final speakers are confirmed…Note that all Partners are welcome to participate in this Pathways to Opportunity year at the level they are interested and available. We encourage you to pick and choose what interests you and works for your schedule from attending all the learning sessions and participating in the grant round to joining in select learning sessions and/or grant round sessions. We will be recording (audio and video) all learning sessions and grant round sessions (audio) so that you can catch up if you miss a session.

In December, following these three learning sessions that will inform Partners about different pathways to expand opportunity and reduce poverty, interested Partners can choose one of these pathways to focus on in SV2’s Spring Grant Round.

Creating pathways to opportunity has never been more important. For many years, the Bay Area has been a place of opportunity for people all over the world. However, today that dream is out of reach for many. In Silicon Valley, 30% of all households live in financial distress and 50% of all third graders are not reading proficiently.

Join us to address these challenges and create opportunities where everyone can thrive. Please contact SV2 Partner leaders Alison Elliott or Linda Lazor if you have questions or suggestions about the year, or are interested in participating in the Grant Round (which will begin in early 2018) in some capacity.

There will be various opportunities for Partners to engage outside of the learning sessions and leading up to and during the Grant Round. We are excited about our opportunity to learn and create lasting change together, and we hope you will encourage others to join us as well.


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