Grantee and Investee Opportunities

Due to our collaborative, Partner-driven grantmaking model, SV2 does not accept unsolicited grant or investment proposals.

However, if your organization is working to address a social need, either as a nonprofit or a for profit, we would love to hear from you! In order to put your work on our radar and add your information to our database, please click on the button below that corresponds to the type of funding you’re seeking.

Learn more about our grantmaking process

SV2 typically funds nonprofit organizations with operating budgets between $500k and $4 million.

As each Grant Round or Impact Investment Round begins, we reach out proactively to all organizations in our database whose work is a potential fit for that Round. Although each Round is structured slightly differently, they are all collaborative processes in which Partners conduct diligence on the organizations and select a Grantee.

Classic Grant Rounds: Partners reach out to a number of organizations working in a given sector, inviting them to fill out a short Letter of Interest form. Of the respondents, 8-10 are then invited to submit longer applications. Partners discuss these applications and then select 4-6 organizations for interviews with the Executive Directors (via phone or in-person). Three are then chosen for site visits, and one is ultimately chosen as that year’s Grantee, winning a three-year capacity building grant of up to $150,000 and skilled advising opportunities from Partners. Often, finalist grants of $10,000-$20,000 are also awarded to one or two finalists. While Classic Grantees are not eligible to participate in future Grant Rounds, finalist Grantees may participate in the future.

Lightning Grant Rounds: Program Officers from other foundations nominate a total of 6-10 organizations from their own portfolios and share their diligence with SV2 Partners. If your organization is nominated, you will be notified and invited to share any supplemental materials (for example, a recent annual report). The intent is to rely on foundations’ diligence rather than asking applicant organizations to submit SV2-specific applications. If your organization is chosen as one of three finalists, you will be invited to present in person to SV2 Partners. Each Lightning Round awards a single grant of up to $30,000, along with limited skilled advising opportunities. Lightning Grantees are eligible to participate in future Grant Rounds with SV2.

Learn more about our impact investing process

Impact Investment Rounds: Impact Investment Rounds: A group of SV2 Partners conducts diligence on prospective investments throughout the year. SV2 is open to a variety of industry focus areas based on the interests of Partners who are participating in this work. SV2 makes seed stage/angel investments for companies that:

  • are seeking to raise ideally up to $1.5M, but we are open to those seeking up to $3M
  • already have a lead investor
  • generally meet other criteria included in our Investment Thesis

If your company meets these criteria, you are welcome to complete the form on the button below  to be entered into SV2’s Impact Investment Pipeline Tracker. Someone from SV2 will then follow up with you if there is interest in pursuing your opportunity.