Capacity Building

We share our networks, our time, and our skills to help strengthen the social impact organizations we fund.

What types of capacity building support do we offer?

After gathering feedback from our existing Grantees about what form of capacity-building support is most helpful, we have focused our efforts in the following areas:

We provide Grantees with access to an array of community resources:

  • Use of SV2’s conference rooms and meeting spaces
  • Professional development, learning, and additional funding opportunities that we learn about through our network
  • Connections to pro bono legal assistance and pro bono consulting services offered by SV2’s strategic allies
  • Vetted list of paid consultants with nonprofit expertise

We provide Grantees with opportunities to widen their network and share their work:

  • We include important information about our Grantees and their impact in our regular communications and annual publications
  • We help Grantees build relationships and connect more deeply with members of the SV2 community through SV2’s all-community gatherings
  • We invite Grantees to speak at relevant SV2 learning sessions as subject matter experts

We provide multi-year Grantees with the opportunity to engage in Partner-Grantee advising on a case-by-case basis. Examples of past projects include:

  • Crafting messaging for a Grantee’s specific target donor audience
  • Reviewing and providing feedback on a Grantee’s funder pitch
  • Feedback on a Grantee’s new website prototype geared to attract individual donors