Our Mission

Our mission is to unleash the resources and talents of the Bay Area community to achieve meaningful social impact.

THE Challenge

While we are in the midst of a time of great wealth and opportunity in the Bay Area, we are also witnessing unprecedented levels of inequality in our region.

Many of our neighbors are struggling with significant challenges—securing affordable housing, finding stable employment at a living wage, and helping their children navigate troubled school systems.

The need has never been greater for strong, locally-based organizations to address these serious challenges and for new and seasoned philanthropists alike to support effective solutions.

However, it can be difficult to determine how to deploy one’s philanthropic resources—both financial and otherwise—to address this inequality and achieve meaningful change. That’s where SV2 comes in.


We envision a more equitable and sustainable Bay Area and world where everyone thrives.

Our Core Values

Our core values anchor our community and how we approach all of our work together.


We leverage the extraordinary resources and talents of Silicon Valley leaders and social innovators to create measurable positive impact in our community and world.

Experiential Learning

We learn by doing, challenging ourselves to expand our knowledge, enhance our skills, and broaden our perspectives.

Shared Leadership

We develop emerging and seasoned leaders for social change and support them on their personal leadership journeys through experiential learning, peer leadership opportunities and collective responsibility for the success of our work.


We seek bold, creative approaches to our work, embracing both proven methods and new models for social impact.


We strive to foster empathy and compassion, serve those most vulnerable in society, and support opportunity and equity for all people.

Collaborative Community

We are building a welcoming group of active socially responsible community members who believe in the power of creating social impact together.