Learning Programs

SV2 Learning Programs allow Partners and Grantees/Impact Investees to explore various topics relevant to philanthropy and social impact in a hands-on, interactive way.


Impact Investing

SV2’s Impact Investing Learning Sessions focus on this still new and rapidly evolving field from a variety of perspectives, designed to meet the needs of a wide range of Partner experience, capacity and interest.


Topics and Trends in Philanthropy

SV2 delves into best practices, problem-solving tools and innovative approaches in philanthropy with both SV2 community members as well as outside experts as guests.


Board Governance

Board governance comes into play in all organizations – whether nonprofit or for-profit — and is an important, recurring focus area for SV2’s learning program lineup.


Strategic & Financial Planning

Whether your role is board member, donor, or social sector leader, SV2’s periodic learning sessions on these topics are designed to help you understand strategic/financial planning and business modeling that are essential to thriving, high-impact organizations.


Marketing and Communications

SV2 offers marketing and communications-related sessions on how we can share the most compelling stories, data and impact so that we can effectively connect with the right audiences to achieve our goals.


Performance Measurement

We offer learning sessions on effective ways to measure social impact.

We learn by doing and we do by learning

Many SV2 Partners come to SV2 because our learning programs offer practical, inspiring learning opportunities that provide depth, breadth and relevance to curious, engaged givers along the full spectrum of experience.