Impact Investments

SV2 has added investing in for-profit social impact companies to our mix of approaches to addressing social and environmental challenges in pursuit of the greatest impact. SV2 defines “impact investing” as investing for the dual purpose of both social impact and financial return.

How does it work?

A group of SV2 Partners conducts diligence on prospective investments throughout the year. SV2 is open to a variety of industry focus areas based on the interests of Partners who are participating in this work. We are looking to make angel or seed-stage investments for companies seeking to raise ideally up to $1.5M, but we are open to those seeking up to $3M.

The SV2 Impact Investing Working Group – comprised of a self-selected group of Partners interested in impact investing – meets monthly to review companies and move them along a continuum for both a “closer look” and when appropriate “deeper dive”.

The Impact Investment Working Group collaboratively selects one or more social impact companies to invest in. Investment levels vary and the timing is year round, kicking off in the fall of each year.

In addition, SV2 hosts learning sessions throughout the year on various aspects of Impact Investing which any Partner or SV2 Grantee can attend. Interested Partners can also audit the Working Group and refer companies for consideration that align with SV2’s Impact Investment Thesis, regardless of participation in the Working Group.

"Learning together with a terrific group of partners as we evaluate the potential investments is energizing. I am surprised to discover how good it feels to make investments aligned with your values."

Tony Stayner • Meet Our Partners