Climate Justice Grant Round | Informational Open House

Based on community insights and SV2 Partner interests, SV2’s Fall 2022 Grant Round will be focused on Climate Justice.

Our grantmaking and community engagement will advance climate justice. This can include supporting frontline communities in building resilience to climate change, addressing environmental consequences of our fossil fuel economy, and providing benefits from the transition economy. As an initial part of our Climate Justice Grant Round, SV2 is connecting with community changemakers to understand what climate justice in the Bay Area means, community strengths and challenges, and the opportunities to make an impact.  We’re learning these opportunities include frontline communities addressing causes of injustice and leading positive change, supporting equitable access to solutions and resources, and ensuring that diverse perspectives contribute to driving policy and advocacy.

SV2 will allocate $160,000 of unrestricted, multi-year funding across two organizations ($80,000 each). SV2 will also offer the selected organizations beyond-the-dollars supports as helpful and friendship!

This session is open to SV2 Partners, Teens, Community Partners (our Grantees and Investees), and Prospective Partners. Join us to learn more and next steps!

The Grant Round is led by Partners Jennifer McFarlane and Nancy Grove, and staff member Amy Badiani.