Climate Justice: Now is our opportunity to make a difference

Join us and our co-creator, Thrive Alliance, at a “Get Proximate and Beyond” on-site program to hear first-hand of the growing challenges our communities face due to climate and environmental issues.

Learn how the effects of climate change, multiplied by historic inequitable planning choices and systemic inequities affect ourselves and our neighbors. Engage with community based organizations (CBOs) who are collaborating to build a better Bay Area together.

With equity, justice, and climate finally getting their due there is a huge opportunity for us make a difference now by engaging with and supporting these organizations. An opportunity not to be missed!

Thrive Alliance, a non-profit which supports capacity building for local non-profits, will talk about their new initiative to strengthen the voices of all CBOs in San Mateo that can play a role in addressing climate change impacts. You will also hear from several CBOs that are leading the way, including Climate Resilient Communities, Nuestra Casa, North Fair Oaks Community Alliance, RISE South City and Youth United for Community Action.

An essential part of this experience, in advance of this event, is getting some invaluable background through a Zoom call with Thrive and others on Thursday, March 10th 5:30-6:30pm. RSVP here for this prep call. 

Following the in-person event, SV2 partners and guests will be invited to follow-up calls to discuss further opportunities to evaluate and engage with these fantastic organizations. It’s our intent to foster long-term relationships between funders and organizations. and issues they become passionate about.

SV2 Partner Leader Contacts: Jennifer McFarlane ( and Paul Traina (



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