North Fair Oaks Community Grant Round Kickoff

At the Community Deep Dive Grant Round Kickoff Meeting, Partners will learn about the history, current landscape, assets, and challenges of North Fair Oaks from an expert panel of community leaders. The panel discussion will set the stage for our learning and grantmaking deep dive into this community. The meeting will take place at Fair Oaks Community Center.

We encourage all interested Partners, Prospective Partners, and SV2 Strategic Allies to join us for this outstanding learning opportunity from people who have known, loved, and worked in North Fair Oaks / Redwood City for many years. All SV2 Partners are then welcome to join follow-on Grant Round meetings in any way that meets their interests: to audit one or more meetings of the Grant Round, or to participate in the full Grant Round (January – May) .

The Community Deep Dive Grant Round — part of SV2‘s local Pathways to Opportunity focus — will look at the overlapping levers of education, workforce development, and basic needs in a particular geography: North Fair Oaks / Redwood City. The Grant Round is intended to help Partners learn more deeply about this particular community — SV2’s near neighbor — its history, assets, opportunities, and challenges, as well as the institutions and organizations which make up its social sector. We hope to engage with residents, community leaders, nonprofit leaders, school and government leaders, funders, and others who are invested in North Fair Oaks / Redwood City’s success.

As this is SV2’s first geographically-focused Grant Round, we expect to include some new elements. Early ideas include:

  • The pool of applicant organizations will be sourced in part through direct input from community members Some Grant Round meetings will take place in the community
  • A new approach to the application process: verbal “coffee chats” between small groups of Partners and nonprofit applicants will take the place of written grant applications
  • One or more “Get Proximate” experiences will help Partners deepen their learning through authentic engagement in the community
  • While still under discussion, the division of the grant funds (total $140k) might look different from SV2’s typical main Grantee + two finalist Grantees

The Grant Round will run from January to May, and is led by Partners Rachel Klausner and Kwok Lau and staff member Jody Chang.

Please contact Jody Chang if you would like to have your name added to the email list for this Grant Round and participate beginning in January.


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