Community Initiative | Shareback

As SV2’s Community Initiative gets underway, SV2 is making a significant grant and engagement investment in Redwood City Together. This amazing Grantee Partner was selected by a Core Team of community leaders, SV2 Partners, and staff who made this grant decision on behalf of SV2. Join us for a “Shareback / Learning Lab” to hear more about the Core Team’s process and about our exciting new Grantee Partner, Redwood City Together. Having community leaders so deeply involved in shaping a grantmaking strategy and funding allocation is a significant step for SV2 towards participatory grantmaking, and is a way we are seeking to live our value of sharing power.  We want all SV2 Partners to learn from this experience – please bring your thoughts and questions!

SV2’s Community Initiative is a three-year focused grantmaking and community engagement program in which SV2 Partners and staff will engage with Redwood City Together, a multi-stakeholder initiative creating measurable social impact in the Redwood City / North Fair Oaks community.  We hope this work will accelerate SV2 Partners’ social change and equity journeys, help us learn about building relationships in service of common goals, and lead to impact both in the community and in SV2 as an organization. We are committed to sharing power, broadening the voices at the table, and growing in trust-based philanthropy.