Education Equity Grant Round Meeting #2

Meeting #2 is part of our Grant Round redesign, and will provide an opportunity as the Grant Round begins to hear directly from each of the five organizations in turn about their mission and work. We envision this as a mutual “Get to Know You” for Partners and participating organizations. Each Executive Director, along with any key stakeholders they’d like to bring, will have some time to share their work and interact with Partners.

About the Grant Round:

In last year’s Reimagining Education Equity in the COVID Recovery Grant Round, SV2 connected with 20 Silicon Valley education leaders, community leaders and education research organizations. The following interventions were identified as most needed and effective to accelerate recovery from the pandemic:

    • Expanded learning time
    • Socio-emotional learning / mental health
    • Family / parent engagement
    • Teacher development and coaching
    • Community power building / education policy advocacy

This year’s Grant Round will look at these levers, and will also use a framework of equity principles from our stakeholder interviews.

Even prior to the pandemic, educational inequities resulted in an academic achievement gap for socio-economically disadvantaged students in under-represented groups. The pandemic has magnified these disparities, intensifying inequitable academic outcomes.

So let’s unpack the “equity” part. What does it mean for all students to have access to a great education, achieve their full potential, and be held to high expectations? How do schools create a culture in which everyone feels safe, included, and connected? What happens when teachers demonstrate cultural competencies and practice restorative care? How can addressing the basic needs of families contribute to family engagement in learning and student thriving? What are ways the education system can advance real change in anti-racism and “un-learning”, diversity, and representation?

Between February – May, Partners will learn about education equity, get to know five identified organizations, discern which two organizations SV2 can best support as Grantee Community Partners, and make two 3-year grants of $110,000 each. The Grant Round is led by Partners Jennifer Min and Kelly Pope and staff members Amy Badiani and Jody Chang. Meetings will be on Tuesdays from 12:30pm – 2:30pm via Zoom.

Please contact Jody Chang with questions.



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