Environment Partner Interest Circle (EPIC) Sniffs Out Wildfires and Extreme Conditions

Ten cigarettes a day! Due to the recent fires, outdoor workers, like gardeners, package deliverers, or city maintenance personnel, each smoked ten cigarettes. Wildfires are destroying lives, livelihoods, and neighborhoods at an increasing pace. Not seeing flames does not mean you are safe. Cigarette anyone?

At EPIC’s session on wildfires you will hear from local citizens sharing their real-world experiences – building resilience; fleeing wildfires, recovering from the devastation, managing financial and business consequences. And participants will have the opportunity to dive into more detail during breakout sessions. Our guests are from the government, business, and NGO’s are:

Wildfires are part of California. Fifteen years from now, will we say August 2020 was the worst ever or not so bad compared to 2035. How will you improve our future?



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