EPIC Sparks a Conversation on Electrification: From Grid to Home

Can you speed up replacing fossil fuel appliances in existing homes? The gaps between policy, capability, and citizen attitudes are closing. Sadly, the speed and spread of home conversions are uninspiring and most under-resourced communities feel the goal of replacing fossil fuels in their homes is an out-of-reach dream. What will it take to convert lower-income homes into a fossil-free reality?

At the next Environment Partner Interest Circle (EPIC) meeting, we’ll focus on what it takes to convert homes to renewable energy sources, including understanding California’s policy progress. Professor Severin Borenstein, Faculty Director of the Energy Institute, Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley, will join the conversation and share some of his research. We’ll also learn about the recent advances in electric conversions from organizations that support residents in under-resourced communities to make the leap. Tom Kabat, a board member for SunWork and electrification expert, will share his hands-on experience.