Join us—Family Philanthropy Interest Circle Kickoff

The 2018-19 Kickoff Meeting for the Family Philanthropy Interest Circle will feature a facilitated panel of SV2 Partners sharing their personal giving stories, followed by a time of semi-structured networking, in which Partners can mingle, ask each other questions, and share various approaches to family giving. Our community represents a wonderful variety of experiences and stories: Partners Celeste Ford, Will Parish and Tony Stayner will speak about the ways their families have structured their giving, including a newly formed family foundation, personal engagement in environmental education, and a commitment to mission-aligned investing. Join us to learn from their stories and be inspired to take next steps in your own giving journey.

The Family Philanthropy Interest Circle is a Partner-led group which provides a safe space to explore personal giving experiences, successes, and challenges in an ongoing, intimate setting that supports networking. If you are a current Partner with a family foundation, a donor-advised fund, or some other structured family giving vehicle, please join us! Jody Chang and Susan Hanson co-lead this group.

This event is for Current Partners only.

Please RSVP by emailing Susan Hanson at Your questions are also welcome.