Getting Proximate with Immigration: Trauma and Community Impact

Join us as we Get Proximate with some of the clients of One Life Counseling Center who make our community immigrant rich.

Did you know that San Mateo County is one of the most “immigrant rich” areas in California? As of 2010, it ranked fourth among counties in California and eighth across the nation in the concentration of foreign-born residents. There are many reasons why people migrate and there are many routes to this journey but they all experience some level of trauma as a result. The communities in which they arrive benefit in many positive ways but there is also more demanded from social service agencies and mental health systems.

Join us as we Get Proximate with some of the clients of One Life Counseling Center who have made this difficult journey and now reside in North Fair Oaks. We will hear from them what they left behind and why, what the experience has been like both in getting here and adjusting to a new life as well as what support they need, especially during the COVID pandemic. We will also gain a better understanding of systems they need to navigate from detention and courts to social services and other community support. After an overview of the journey and a panel discussion, we will have the opportunity to have smaller group conversations in breakout rooms.

This event is limited to 25 participants so please sign up early.

One Life Counseling Center is one of our Community Partners (SV2 Grantee).