How of Giving: Think Money First! Supporting Nonprofit Sustainability and Impact

Financial diligence is not simply about income statements and balance sheets. It is about understanding the right numbers and asking the right questions. It is about being able to better support organizations to serve people and communities not only today but tomorrow as well.

As grantmakers and donors, we are all being asked to make often difficult choices in a word of limited resources and seeming unlimited need. Financial training expert David Greco will help Partners uncover the right data needed in grantmaking, understand the key drivers of financial and organizational sustainability, and better incorporate that data in their funding decisions.

Featuring real world case studies and small group work, this workshop will provide grantmakers with the tools to better understand nonprofit financial health and sustainability, and enhance their understanding of:

  • The challenges of nonprofit finance and barriers to scale and impact;

  • How to engage nonprofits in discussions about financial management challenges; and

  • Ways to structure their support to improve long-term sustainability and impact.

This is the third workshop in  SV2’s “How of Giving” philanthropic skill-building seminar series. Lunch included. This session is open to SV2 Partners, Prospective Partners, and SV2 Grantees and Impact Investees.


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