The Evidence is in: Values Aligned Investing in Public Equities Yields Market Returns

The evidence is in that values aligned investing in public equity funds yields market returns – and in this session, we’re going to help you take that evidence and put it into action in your own portfolio.  

Our panel of experts includes a return visit from Jennifer Kenning from Align Impact, who will share evidence-based research findings comparing returns over time for standard and values aligned public equities funds (both index funds and actively managed.) Then Anthony Eames from Calvert (index) and Bob Johanson from ClearBridge (actively managed) will share their perspectives on different “flavors” of values aligned public equities funds.  These experienced practitioners will dig into the details of ESG strategies across markets and investment styles and light a path forward to help you move from analysis to action.

In previous sessions, we have reviewed research showing that values aligned investing in public markets can deliver competitive returns. Though described by some as “impact light,” values aligned investing in public equities can also have a major impact through shareholder activism and aggregated actions (e.g., apartheid, divest/invest movement for climate change).

However, questions linger that hold potential investors back. If the fees are higher on values aligned index funds, does that mean the net returns will be lower? What about actively managed values aligned funds? What values can I align with? What values aligned funds in each of these areas historically have performed well? Join us as our panel of experts armed with new data tackles these questions and more.

6:15pm – dinner

6:30pm – program begins


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