Investing for Racial Equity: Public Equities and Debt

Most of us have public equities and debt in our portfolios, but are they working for racial justice? Come learn from Rachel Robasciotti, the founder of Adasina Social Capital, about their revolutionary approach. By building a diverse team and partnering with social justice organizations within impacted communities, they define the criteria that guide their investments. They use this community-sourced wisdom to educate and mobilize other investors with campaigns that amplify the needs, perspectives, and voices of impacted communities throughout the financial system to drive change. In addition, their municipal bond strategy is built on research showing that Black communities are rated riskier than communities with other similar risk characteristics, and so provide a higher yield to their municipal bond holders. Over time, Adasina’s outperformance is intended to bid this unjustified premium away. This is the second session in a series meant to help SV2 Partners invest for racial equity across asset classes to address systemic racism.