Investing for Racial Equity

If you are ready to move from racial injustice awareness to action, we invite you to join us to learn about racial justice investment strategies. Special guests Morgan Simon, Founding Partner at the Candide Group, and Daryn Dodson, Founder and Managing Director at Illumen Capital, will discuss why and how to invest for racial equity. 

Morgan, who advises family offices on their impact investments with a focus on social justice and sustainability, will give an overview of the investment landscape discussing a range of investments from market rate to lower return higher impact alternatives. Daryn, whose Illumen Capital manages a fund of funds, will discuss how Illumen’s approach to training their asset managers on implicit bias unlocks superior returns. Both Daryn and Morgan are at the forefront of using capital as a tool for advancing social justice, with decades of investment management experience.

This initial session will provide an overview of investing for racial equity across a variety of asset classes such as public market investments, private equities, debt/loan funds, and real estate. Based on SV2 Partner interest, follow-on sessions may be offered that go deeper into specific types of investment opportunities.

If you are an investor of any type, we invite you to join us to learn about opportunities to put capital to work that creates opportunities for everyone to thrive.