Investing in Climate Solutions: Public Equities and Debt

It is sobering that the UN chief has described the recent IPCC report as “code red for humanity.” But in humanity’s race with climate change, there is good news—we have the solutions today to begin drawing down emissions to mitigate its worst effects and more innovations are on their way. SV2 is hosting a multi-part learning series focused on investing our capital across asset classes in climate solutions.

In this second session, focused on public equities and debt, we’ll hear from Martin Grosskopf of AGF Funds who has been investing in climate solutions for over a decade and SV2 Partner Jennifer McFarlane, Registered Investment Advisor. How can I have the greatest impact on climate with my public investments? How do climate investing and ESG investing relate to each other? What are some of the strategies for public climate investing? Can I construct a balanced (e.g., geographically, market cap size, growth/value) portfolio of climate friendly investments? These questions and more will be answered in this session.

Future sessions will delve deeper into each of the asset classes identifying more proven, market rate solutions in need of scaling and more innovative, concessionary rate, higher impact ones in need of funding to see if they are viable.