Investing in Climate Solutions: Real Assets

With COP 26 failing to deliver firm commitments to avoid the worst effects of climate change, we all must do what we can to combat the crisis. One under-utilized action is to put our investment dollars to work.  In this third session in SV2’s Investing in Climate Solutions series, we will look at investing in Real Assets, the green infrastructure that will transform major sectors such as energy, transportation, buildings, and more. These investments typically have the security of an underlying physical asset reducing the downside risk. What will that future look like; how will it unfold over time; and what investment opportunities are being created? Which investments have already been de-risked and which will require more experience or innovation? Considering risk, return and impact, what are the most attractive segments today and how is that changing? To learn the answers to these questions and more, we will hear from Jon Creyts, RMI’s Chief Program Officer, and Eric Stephenson and Rahima Jamal from Align Impact’s client investments team.