January Impact Investing Working Group

The SV2 Impact Investing Working Group discusses prospective impact investment opportunities, hears pitches from social entrepreneurs, and performs due diligence in order to make informed investment decisions on behalf of SV2. The Working Group is comprised of Partners who are committed to actively participating in all aspects of impact investing, including the due diligence process. All Partners are welcome to begin regularly attending IIWG meetings at any point in the year or are welcome to audit meetings on a drop-in basis.

Impact Investing at SV2, with Tony Stayner (1:30 – 2:30 pm)

Please come to a learning session immediately following the Impact Investing Working Group on January 15 to learn about SV2’s approach to impact investing. As one of the early impact investing leaders, Tony Stayner will discuss the reason that impact investing can be such a powerful force for good, the relationship between impact investing and grant making at SV2, our investment thesis, how the thesis is reflected in our investment portfolio and the various ways Partners can learn together about impact investing at SV2.


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