Leading Systems Change

Local communities are facing serious challenges – rising income inequality, a shortage of affordable housing, chronically underfunded public schools, increasing gun violence, and weather and water impacts of climate change.

This has many social change leaders asking: Just how can we collaborate to change complex systems that no longer serve us? How can we re-build communities to have equity at their center? And what kind of leadership is required to change systems?

Join Open Impact co-founder Heather McLeod Grant and Adene Sacks of the With/In Collaborative to understand ways community leaders can come together to address these challenges. Their new book Leading Systems Change describes foundational approaches for creating cross-collaborative leadership networks to bring about systems change. Principles are based on two Central Valley community change experiments over the last six years. Nearly 100 local leaders engaged in each New Leadership Network to better understand their communities and re-imagine and re-design local systems to drive greater impact. 

Join us to discover the role of leadership networks in creating systems change. Explore foundational approaches, tools and frameworks that provide a playbook for other local communities to leverage. Understand new local leadership models that can catalyze positive change, and the role funders can play in supporting their work. Lunch served at 11:15am; Program begins at 11:30am.


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