Linking Money to Mission: Nonprofit Finance Fundamentals

This 90-minute workshop will cover the fundamental concepts of nonprofit finance in an engaging, interactive format. We’re delighted to have expert facilitators from Nonprofit Finance Fund leading us through the material. We’ve timed this offering to coordinate with the financial diligence stage in our Spring Grant Round, Tech for Good. This workshop is a must for givers and nonprofit professionals who want to better understand nonprofit financial health and sustainability, including how to read and interpret financial data.

Major goals of this training include:

  • Providing an in-depth overview of financial statements
  • Exploring how to read and interpret financial data
  • Highlighting best practices for financial due diligence

Specific topics to be covered include:

  • The rules of nonprofit finance: An understanding of a nonprofit’s financial structure and structures, including how nonprofit finance differs from the private sector and “best practices” that promote nonprofit health
  • Review of nonprofit financial statements: Tips and considerations when using different sources of financial data, including audits, internal financial statements, budgets, and IRS Forms 990
  • Uncovering the financial story: A framework for assessing and communicating a nonprofit’s financial condition; key metrics and indicators of financial health and performance
  • Statement of activities: Unpacking an organization’s business model; uncovering an organization’s unrestricted operating performance
  • Statement of financial position: Assessing an organization’s full costs, capital structure and financial health.

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