Mental Health & Wellbeing Grant Round Meeting #4 | Grant Decision

SV2 Grant Round participants will discuss the five finalist organizations using SV2’s rubric and select our two newest Grantee Partners.

In Meeting #4 on Zoom, SV2 Grant Round participants will discuss the five finalist organizations using SV2’s rubric categories, and vote for two organizations. These two organizations will receive 3-year unrestricted grants of $75,000 each. Participants must be present at this Zoom meeting in order to vote.

About the Grant Round:

In December 2023, SV2 will allocate $150,000 of unrestricted, three-year funding across two organizations ($75,000 each). SV2 will also offer the selected organizations beyond-the-dollars support towards achieving their goals, and friendship.

Between August – December 2023, SV2 Grant Round participants are engaging community to understand what mental health & wellbeing means day to day and in practice, learning more about specific organizations, and practicing equity and trust-based philanthropy throughout our relationship building and grantmaking. SV2 Partners: please join the mySV2 Health Group if you’re interested in participating in our Grant Round.

Mental Health & Wellbeing continuously emerges as a top priority in our community, weaves the fabric of human experience, shapes our emotions, relationships and overall resilience. Mental Health & Wellbeing ultimately influences our collective strength and vitality of our communities.

The Bay Area, known for its vibrant culture, technological advancements, and thriving economy, struggles with its unique challenges to mental health and wellbeing. These challenges are a fast-paced lifestyle, intense work environment, and high cost of living. All these stressors can increase the risk of both substance use and mental illness.

We’re learning more about changemaking to advance mental health & wellbeing among youth, young adults, and adults, including prevention, early intervention, and treatment. We’re also exploring how this intersects with different identities, cultures, and social justice.

This Grant Round is co-led by Tanja Powers and Tara Maddala (SV2 Partners) and Amy Badiani (SV2 staff). Questions? Contact Amy Badiani, Director of Community Engagement, SV2:


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