Nonprofit Diligence with a Trust Based Lens

This interactive workshop will review the key practices of Trust Based Philanthropy and use a case study format to identify key “look for’s” and questions to ask as you consider your giving to nonprofits. We’ll introduce you to an organizational assessment framework and key indicators you can use in SV2’s nonprofit due diligence process and your own. The workshop is part of the “SV2 Essentials” curriculum, and is designed for both new and seasoned SV2 Partners. Lunch will be provided.

What will you learn?

  • The six practices of Trust Based Philanthropy, and how to apply them practically in your own funding decisions.
  • Questions to ask to help you assess a grant applicant’s organizational capacity and health.
  • Learn how to use a framework for organizational effectiveness and key organizational health indicators.
  • Explore ways to fine-tune your due diligence approach, taking into account funder-grantee trust levels and questions related to assessment depth.