OYE Conference 2023 | Community Initiative

This year’s 11th annual Orgullo y Educacion (OYE) 2023 Conference will be focused on Honoring Our Roots and Launching Into the Future!

Come celebrate 11 years with of bringing together hundreds of local teens and young adults ages 12 to 22. This day is an opportunity for youth and their parents to explore questions of identity and purpose, and build community through a fun and interactive day that includes hands-on workshops, inspirational speakers, artistic expression, community resource sharing and networking.

SV2 Partners can both volunteer and participate in this event. Volunteer opportunities will be shared in mid-February.

To attend this event, SV2 requires that all SV2 participants:

    • Are COVID vaccinated and boosted at least two weeks before the event
    • Test negative for COVID within 24 hours of the event
    • Stay home if you are feeling sick or are experiencing symptoms

If you have any questions, please contact Amy Badiani (abadiani@sv2.org), SV2 Director of Community Engagement.


As SV2’s Community Initiative gets underway, SV2 is making a significant grant and engagement investment in Redwood City Together. This amazing Grantee Partner was selected by a Core Team of community leaders, SV2 Partners, and staff who made this grant decision on behalf of SV2.

SV2’s Community Initiative is a three-year focused grantmaking and community engagement program in which SV2 Partners and staff will engage with Redwood City Together, a multi-stakeholder initiative creating measurable social impact in the Redwood City / North Fair Oaks community. We hope this work will accelerate SV2 Partners’ social change and equity journeys, help us learn about building relationships in service of common goals, and lead to impact both in the community and in SV2 as an organization. We are committed to sharing power, broadening the voices at the table, and growing in trust-based philanthropy.

This event is one of many ways to get involved. We’ll share upcoming opportunities once we have more details.