Partners Sharing Passions

Have an exceptional nonprofit you’d like to share with others? Is there a social impact area you are passionate about and want to inspire others to learn more? Want to hear about the nonprofits and causes that your peers support?

Join your fellow SV2 Partners on Zoom to learn about the causes closest to their hearts. Partners will each be able to “pitch” a nonprofit, social enterprise, or social impact cause – or just come to listen and learn. While SV2 events are traditionally pitch-free, this event is an opportunity for Partners to share their philanthropic passion with the SV2 community.

Format: Partners will have three minutes to share the basics about their chosen nonprofit, enterprise, or cause (e.g., why they are passionate about it, the organization’s model and story, and their pitch). All pitches are welcome regardless of the focus of the nonprofit. Impact investments are also more than welcome. After the event, SV2 will email all attendees with contact information for the organizations and causes that were presented, for those who would like to learn more.

Sign up here to “pitch” a nonprofit, social enterprise, or cause.