SV2 Advocacy Learning Session: A Powerful Framework

Join us for our 3rd Advocacy Learning Session for this year with Arabella Advisors. We’ll start by reviewing the basic definition and concepts of advocacy and the value of advocacy as a lever for systems change and impact. Arabella Advisors’ advocacy experts, including Senior Directors, Jessica Robinson Love, Loren McArthur, and Liz Sweet, will Introduce their Advocacy Framework as a tool for developing smart and targeted donor strategies for policy change initiatives.

We will hear from two SV2 Partners, Grace Mah (early childhood education), and Will Parish (environmental education), who will share their advocacy work through the lens of the Arabella Advisors Advocacy Framework. Workshop attendees will then pair up and reflect on and consider how this framework could apply to varying issue areas. Read more about Arabella Advisors’ perspective on how advocacy fits into strategic philanthropy here. Dinner and social time will be at 6:00pm. Program will start at 6:30pm.


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