SV2 Partner Open House: Supporting Grantees Beyond-the-Dollars

Join us to learn more about how SV2 supports our current Grantees beyond-the-dollars. Share your input and learn ways to get involved!

SV2 Partners provide pro bono support to our Grantees to help them achieve their goals. This is referred across SV2 as “Beyond-the-Dollars” (BT$).

Our current BT$ offerings are detailed here. Lead Partners and Staff provide our current, multi-year Grantees with in-depth BT$ support as helpful. SV2 Partners and Staff provide current, one-year Grantees with light BT$ support.

However, our Grantees, Staff, and Lead Partners lack some knowledge about SV2’s broader Partner capabilities, interest, and availability in providing BT$ support. As a result, we may miss opportunities to helpfully connect Grantees with the SV2 Partners. We have an opportunity to better support our Grantees and engage interested Partners!

During the Open House, the SV2 BT$ Working Group will share more about our inspiring and impactful current Grantees, our current BT$ offering, insights and feedback from Grantees and Partners, and some ideas to evolve our BT$ offering. We’d a love to have a generative discussion with SV2 Partners to understand interest, skillset, and capacity to support our Grantees as well as ideas to pilot.


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