Taking Your Board Service to the Next Level

Serving as a board member of a nonprofit we care about is one of the most effective and satisfying ways of engaging with a cause. Whether you are joining a nonprofit board for the first time or are a veteran, you know that nonprofit organizations are not easy to lead. How do we become more effective stewards of these important organizations in our lives?

Join nonprofit board expert Jenny Shilling Stein for a special learning session where she will share her framework for high-performing nonprofit boards. Participants will explore practical approaches to develop and strengthen Board engagement and impact

Through case studies and group discussion, we will learn the latest thinking on:

  • What is the board’s role and how do we set expectations with board members and staff on what to expect?
  • How do you recruit new board members who will advance the mission of the organization?
  • What are some ways to organize your board to do more effective work?
  • How can you make board meetings more engaging and hear from everyone?
  • What is the board’s role in fundraising?
  • How does a board assess itself and improve from year to year?

You will leave this session with practical ideas and overarching frameworks to use with your nonprofit board. Please join us. Dinner served at 6:15pm. Program starts at 6:30pm.


Jenny Shilling Stein

Jenny is an experienced non-profit leader, entrepreneur and consultant. Jenny co-founded the Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation in 2002. The foundation seeks to support and accelerate the best social entrepreneurs. Jenny built the foundation in the image of a venture capital firm, emphasizing new ideas, strong leaders, and fresh approaches to old problems. Over the 12 years that Jenny ran the foundation, they funded over 60 new organizations working in health, social justice, poverty alleviation, health, and education.

Since 2013, Jenny has been a Visiting Practitioner at Stanford University’s Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society. She teaches a course with Alexa Cortes Culwell on Nonprofit Management and Board Governance in the Continuing Studies Program. From 2011 to 2018, Jenny served on the board of FoodCorps, a national organization that connects kids to healthy food in schools, so they can lead healthier lives and reach their full potential. For five years, she was FoodCorps Board Chair. Jenny serves as a trustee at Charles Armstrong School.

Jenny received her MBA from Stanford and her Masters of Education from Stanford. She graduated Magna cum Laude from Amherst College.

Jenny’s personal philanthropy focuses on food justice, education, dyslexia, reproductive rights, and poverty alleviation. She lives in Palo Alto with her husband and two children.


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