Tech for Good Grant Round Meeting #3 | Learning + Sharing

SV2 Partners will go deeper in their learning about the five applicant organizations by discussing the coffee chats and financial review.

In Meeting #3, Partners will go deeper in their learning about the five finalist organizations by discussing the results of the coffee chats and the financial review. The coffee chats are relational, structured, and tend to be very energizing conversations! The coffee chats replace written grant applications, which can often be very burdensome for busy nonprofit leaders to complete, and can detract from their organization’s key work.

This meeting will be in person at SV2 with Zoom option. Lunch will be provided at SV2.

About the Grant Round:

In our rapidly changing world, technology impacts every aspect of our lives—how we navigate, learn, work, communicate, manage our health, and shop. And yet, not everyone has access to basic technology that some of us take for granted. For example, according to SF’s Digital Equity Strategic Plan, about one in eight San Franciscans lack high-speed internet access at home, and one in seven lack basic digital literacy skills. As artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies evolve, they promise to reshape our existence and wellness further yet they bring some pressing questions. In what ways will our lives and well-being be altered? Who might be left behind? And what innovative technological solutions can we develop that are not just effective, but also fair and sustainable?”

Despite some concerns, technology is being increasingly harnessed for good, driving positive change globally by empowering marginalized communities, improving individual well-being, and enabling societal progress. Examples of this positive impact include accelerating emergency response, redistributing unused food or medicines to under-resourced communities, providing clean alternatives to fossil fuels, and more.

Inclusivity in technology, which resonates with our diverse experiences, challenges, and ambitions, is crucial for the flourishing of individuals and communities alike.

In this context, SV2’s Tech for Good Grant Round will allocate $150,000 of unrestricted, three-year funding across two organizations ($75,000 each), to be selected in May 2024. SV2 will also offer the selected organizations beyond-the-dollars support, as helpful, and friendship! Throughout our process, SV2 will practices equity and trust-based philanthropy in our grantmaking and relationship building.

Upcoming Grant Round Meetings

In these meetings, SV2 Partners will learn more about our five finalists and select two Grantee Partners:

  • Meeting #4 | Grant Decision | Tuesday, May 7th 12:30-2:30PM | Zoom | RSVP

This Grant Round is co-led by Aarthi Ramaswamy and Shalyn Eason (SV2 Partners) and Amy Badiani (SV2 staff). Questions? Contact Amy Badiani, Director of Community Engagement, SV2:



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