Nancy Grove

Partner Champion to Climate Resilient Communities

An SV2 Partner since 2021, Nancy has a commitment to mitigating climate change with justice and equity. During her first year as an SV2 Partner she participated in the Economic Inclusion Grant Round, engaged deeply with the JEDI process and her New Partner cohort, and has dabbled in impact investing workshops.

Upon retirement from healthcare management a decade ago, Nancy worked on behalf of climate action and climate science through nonprofit board roles, including two years as board chair at Palo Alto-based Acterra, and through her faith community, where she co-led a project to implement a carbon tracker, with immediate aggregation of results across families, churches, and regions, throughout her denomination nationally.

Currently she co-leads the SV2 Climate Justice Grant Round, leads a sustainability initiative at her senior community, The Forum at Rancho San Antonio, and teaches gardening, with other Master Gardeners, to the incarcerated women at Elmwood Correctional Center. Nancy has an M.D. from UCLA and an M.B.A. from Stanford. She is a pathologist who focused her professional efforts on clinical lab direction, health services improvement, and organizational change management.