Tanja Powers

Mental Health & Wellbeing Grant Round Co-Leader

Earlier this year, Tanja left a 30+ year career in Biotech / Life Sciences where she led small and large teams and initiatives designed to transform organizations. Tanja’s diverse experiences included sales, marketing, account and product management. She loved the complexity of the business and the U.S. healthcare system, and being a part of the collaborative teams creating strategy to ensure patient access. The opportunities that excited her the most throughout all of her experiences were working with individuals and teams to support them in identifying and maximizing  their own inherent strengths so they could achieve both their personal and professional goals. The importance of honoring an individual’s whole self and well-being in the workplace is essential. With all of this in mind, Tanja is embarking on a year of redesigning her career with a few experiments, including pursuing her executive coaching certification, serving on a non-profit board, becoming an Encore Fellow and intern with LifeMoves. Helping to lead the Fall 2023 Mental Health & Wellbeing Grant Round allows Tanja to tap into her passion and interest in healthcare and wellbeing, while learning more about social venture space. Tanja joined SV2 last fall and is very much enjoying the experience!