Tara Maddala

Mental Health & Wellbeing Grant Round Co-Leader

Tara is the founder and CEO of Pandora Bio, focused on precision early detection tools for student mental health. She is also principal and owner of TM Biostats LLC, a clinical development and statistics consulting firm. Tara has spent 20+ years working to bring clinically impactful cancer diagnostics to market at various Silicon Valley companies (Delfi Diagnostics, GRAIL,  Genomic Health, and Clinimetrics). She is co-inventor on several cancer genomic patents and has co-authored over 20 peer-reviewed publications. In addition to SV2, Tara regularly lectures for the UCSF-Berkeley Translational Medicine program and is a Board member of Bay Area Biostatistics Working group (BBSW). She also enjoys playing tennis and biking. Tara holds a PhD in Biostatistics from The University of Texas and Engineering BS and MS degrees from The University of Florida and Georgia Tech.
Tara and her husband, Brad, joined SV2 in March of 2023 and have recently become empty nesters. They were immediately drawn to SV2’s sense of purpose and community after attending a couple of in-person events. Tara is jumping in to help lead the Fall 2023 Mental Health & Wellbeing Grant Round — the stars aligned between her passion for mental health and the timing of the grant round.