Nepris – Impact Investee

Nepris bridges the gap between industry and education through interactive, engaging connections, virtually bringing real-world relevance and career exposure to all students. Nepris also provides a skills-based volunteering platform for organizations to extend education outreach, and build their brand among the future workforce. 

Nepris engages 85,000+ Educators and 39,000+ Industry Professionals, delivered 10,900+ Live Sessions, and reached 500,000+ Students. In a student survey, 95% of Students reported that Nepris enabled them to learn about a career that they never knew existed. 62% of Students are on reduced or free lunch (from underserved communities). 

To illustrate the impactful connections that Nepris makes between students and professionals:

Dr. Lloyd was by far the best presenter we’ve had. He was extremely interactive, overly knowledgeable, and quickly able to adapt his presentation to the level of my class which helped keep every student engaged. My students left excited and enlightened (as did I). Thank you for setting this up and connecting my class with him, and please keep up the good work!” – Andrew Zovath, Bio Technology Instructor, Clear Falls High School

With Nepris, students can experience a whole new part of our world, without leaving their classrooms or homes or scheduling a school bus.