Pie Ranch

About Pie Ranch: Inspired by a dream to create a sustainable food system for all, Pie Ranch began in 2002 as a 14-acre parcel of farmland along the San Mateo coast. Through its working organic farm, robust educational programs and farmer trainings, and a growing network of regional partnerships, Pie Ranch has consistently grown their program and scaled their impact.

Expansion at its best: In 2014, Pie Ranch began leasing 75 acres of land near Año Nuevo State Park. This significant expansion has allowed Pie Ranch to launch an innovative partnership program with large local partners like Google and Stanford University. Also in 2014, Google contracted with Pie Ranch to buy 45% of food produced on the Año Nuevo land to serve in its company cafeteria (to learn more, check out this video). This innovative model of selling organic, locally-sourced produce to large organizations has strengthened Pie Ranch’s financial model, while its educational value has created ripples of impact in local corporations and on their employees. Pie Ranch hopes to expand this model throughout the community, notably by creating partnerships with local school districts.

pie-ranch-jered-lawsonPie Ranch & SV2: “[SV2’s] grant and these relationships have come at the perfect time for Pie Ranch to meet our need for increased organizational capacity,” says Jered Lawson, Pie Ranch Executive Director. SV2’s grant dollars have supported Pie Ranch in the development of a bold strategic plan that is anchoring their robust growth.

Beyond-the-Dollars: SV2 Partners have worked alongside Pie Ranch on a number of Beyond-the-Dollars projects such as brainstorming sessions on revenue generation from their roadside farm stand, as well as one-on-one advising focused on analyzing additional food production streams. In Jered’s words, “SV2 puts you in a unique working relationship with philanthropists. We experienced deep learning working with accomplished and skilled professionals.”