Month: November 2016

Unlocking the Silicon Valley Giving Code

Over the last nine months, SV2 has partnered in a landmark report on Silicon Valley nonprofits and philanthropy, which was just recently published. The Giving Code, authored by SV2 Partners Alexa Cortes Culwell and Heather McLeod Grant of Open Impact, highlights the gap between Silicon Valley nonprofit needs and local funding realities. Download the full report here, and join us on Nov. 4 for a special session led by Alexa and Heather on how SV2 can be an even more meaningful part of the solution.

At the same time that the need for Silicon Valley nonprofits’ services is rising, the vast majority of philanthropic dollars in Silicon Valley are directed out of the region. Giving to local, community-based organizations represents just 7% of the $1.2 billion given away by private foundations in our region every year. The Giving Code identifies key barriers to connection between philanthropists and local nonprofits – namely, gaps in knowledge and information, social networks, mindset and language, and empathy – and offers insights and ideas that both funders and nonprofits can use to break down these barriers and work together toward a thriving community for all.

Many SV2 Partners and Grantees served as partners and collaborators in the creation of The Giving Code, and Executive Director Jen Ratay and Board Chair Bill Brownell served as advisors to the report.

Do you want to be part of the solution to bridging the gap between local funders and nonprofits? SV2 is hosting a special session with Alexa and Heather on the Giving Code at SV2 on November 4th. Alexa and Heather will briefly present their findings and then lead attendees in a design thinking exercise focused on how all of us in the extended SV2 community might play a greater leadership role in bridging the knowledge, empathy, language, and network gaps and further connecting our community’s nonprofits and philanthropists. RSVP today!

Spotlight on Literacy for Environmental Justice (LEJ)

lej-picLiteracy for Environmental Justice (LEJ), winner of the Spring 2016 Lightning Grant Round, promotes ecological health, environmental stewardship, and community development in Southeast San Francisco by creating community stewardship and workforce development opportunities.

Focused on the Bayview Hunters Point community, LEJ is at the center of the largest redevelopment effort in San Francisco in recent history to regreen Candlestick Point and other nearby areas. Check out this short video from SV2’s Fall Gathering in September to learn more about LEJ’s work and why SV2 is so honored to partner with this community-based organization.

We also invite you and your family to join us for Hands-on-the-Land Day (RSVP here) on Sat. Nov. 12 from 9:45am-2pm. All ages are welcome!

Our day will begin with an overview of LEJ’s Urban Greening Grant project. Then we’ll dig in to plant hundreds of native plant species at the future Sunrise Point campsite that LEJ is currently constructing. The native plants that we’ll help to install are grown in LEJ’s nursery. This is a great way to participate in a community-based approach to restore ecological health with other SV2 Partners and their families.

Redefining Power and Privilege in the Social Sector

Trust-based relationships. Grantee-centric philanthropy. True partnership. How do funders and nonprofit leaders together improve the efficiency, respectfulness, and outcomes of our sector? In this highly interactive session on Fri., Dec 2, we will share tools for social sector leaders to create peer based interactions that leave us all with more well-spent time and resources. Sign up today – space is limited!

handsRedefining Power & Privilege in the Social Sector picks up where we left off with the Engaged Funders Do’s and Don’ts Springboard Session from October 2015, available here on video.

This intimate learning opportunity will likely shift your awareness of and approach to the many, often obscured dynamics of power and privilege in funder-fundee relationships — and in everyday life. While in the workshop, you’ll experience a safe atmosphere designed to help you share honestly and leave with some tools that you can use right away.

Presenters: Jessamyn Shams-Lau, Executive Director of the Peery Foundation & Jane Leu, CEO/Founder of Smarter Good.

Who should attend:  SV2 Partners and Grantees. Prospective Partners are welcome on a space available basis.