2019 – A New Year of Learning and Social Impact

As we usher in a new year, SV2 has many opportunities to engage and create impact. We have a robust calendar of events planned for grant-making and impact investing, learning sessions, and community engagement. Mark your calendars and register for upcoming events. More information on ways to engage can be found in this summary of our FY18-19 January through June programming.  

Grant Making and Impact Investing

Three Grant Rounds for creating  pathways to opportunity are coming soon. Our first Grant Round of 2019, Pathways to Early Life Development, kicks off January 15. Our Spring Lightning Grant Round takes place in March in partnership with the Hewlett Foundation: Building Opportunity and Inclusivity through the Performing Arts.  In addition, we are planning our Entrepreneurship Grant Round for March – early June.

Our Impact Investing Working Group resumes their monthly meetings on January 16. Participate at any level to discuss prospective impact investment opportunities, hear pitches from social entrepreneurs, and perform due diligence with an exciting pipeline of promising social venture organizations. Our quarterly Impact Investing Interest Circle also resumes in January.

SV2 Kids and Teens Philanthropy Program

We have many opportunities to engage the whole family in service and giving. SV2 Kids activities involve learning about an issue area and volunteering together at a local nonprofit. The SV2 Teen Philanthropy Program starts up in January and offers a comprehensive philanthropy experience for SV2 Partner children who are in 7th-12th grade. Our next Family Philanthropy Interest Circle meeting is scheduled for January 9.

SV2 Learning Opportunities

Expanded SV2 learning programs are designed to support Partners in their giving journeys.

SV2 will continue our issue-based and philanthropic toolkit learning sessions on a variety of topics throughout the year. Learn more about the upcoming 2020 Census on the evening of January 10. Experts will give an overview about what’s at stake and actions underway.

Our How of Giving learning workshops take place January – March, providing an opportunity to deepen philanthropic knowledge. A Theory of Change Workshop will be held over lunch on January 23. It will be followed by The Art of Assessing Nonprofits workshop in February, and then a Nonprofit Deep Dive Financials workshop in March.

Get Proximate is a pilot initiative launching this year to help explore the question: “Why do we give?” The initiative strives for better understanding of our community’s needs through personal stories and perspectives.The first ‘Why of Giving’ event will take place on January 21. This is a special opportunity to “get proximate” with the clients of LifeMoves | Maple Street, which provides emergency and transitional housing. Partners (including their teenage children) are invited to connect with the LifeMoves | Maple Street community through a tour, information session, and by sharing a meal and conversation.

SV2 Community Events

A range of community events enables SV2 Partners to further build connections and strengthen relationships. Board-hosted dinners are scheduled for January, February, March and May in a variety of locations. Our SV2 book club meets monthly and starts up again on January 20. Also, mark your calendars for our April 11 All-Community Spring Gathering.

Looking Ahead

As we look ahead to 2019, we are excited about our strong SV2 community and positive momentum. We anticipate another inspiring year of unleashing the resources and talents of our Silicon Valley community to achieve meaningful social impact. We invite all of our Partners to participate at whatever level works for you! Mark your calendars and register for upcoming events. And stay tuned for ongoing information through our monthly SV2 newsletter.