2019 Partner Survey Results

The 2019 Partner Survey Results are in! This survey is one way of understanding SV2’s impact on Partners and getting insights and ideas for how we can continue to achieve our mission, and deepen our learning, impact and community. 

Everyone can read more highlights. SV2 Partners can also read the full report.

Thanks to all Partners who completed this survey!

Highlights from Partners who completed the survey:

  • Involvement with SV2 had a significant impact on Partner giving effectiveness and engagement
  • Partners self-reported $1.1M in follow-on funding, twice what SV2 granted and invested last year
  • Positive Partner experience: Net Promoter Score of 57.2 (over 0 is positive, over 50 is excellent)
  • Partners continue to value SV2’s special community and opportunity for continuous learning
  • Interest in a wide variety of learning sessions: Issues-based, Why of Giving (Get Proximate), How of Giving, Impact Investing, and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Interest in more How of Giving “Deep Dive” sessions next year (e.g. Board service and Impact Measurement)