2020 Partner Survey Results

The 2020 Partner Survey Results are in! This survey is one way of understanding SV2’s impact on Partners and how we can continue to achieve our mission, learn, make positive social impact and cultivate community. Everyone can read the highlights. SV2 Partners can also read the full report.Thanks to all Partners who completed this survey!

Highlights from Partners who completed the survey:

  • Involvement with SV2 had a significant impact on Partner giving effectiveness and engagement
  • Partners self-reported $899,260 in follow-on funding
  • Positive Partner experience: Net Promoter Score of 61.7 (over 0 is positive, over 50 is excellent), and our NPS has increased each year since 2018.
  • Partners continue to value learning, our special community, and getting close to local needs and solutions
  • Interest in a wide variety of learning sessions: 
    • Issue-based learning sessions and Impact Investing learning sessions, followed by substantial interest in Get Proximate learning opportunities and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion learning sessions
    • Within “How” of Giving, high interest in Nonprofit Financials and Fund Development and Learning and Evaluation in the Social Sector, followed by Impact Investing Diligence Overview and Art of Assessing Nonprofits – intermediate