Advocacy is Everywhere Deep Dive Workshop Series Continues

SV2’s three-part Advocacy is Everywhere Deep Dive Workshop Series launched on February 2 with a full house focused on the 30,000-foot view of the interplay between advocacy and philanthropy. Christine Sherry of Sherry Consulting led a dynamic learning session, with special guests Amanda Stanley of Compass Science Communications and Rebekah Saul Butler of the Grove Foundation.

The second session on March 28 – Funding Advocacy, Funding your Values –  focused on the do’s and don’ts for social impact organizations and explored what advocacy could look like in action, featuring Sara Matlin of Bolder Advocacy, an initiative of Alliance for Justice with special guest, Salimah Hankins, Senior Housing Attorney at Community Legal Services of East Palo Alto (CLSEPA). Sara offered us unparalleled knowledge delivered in an accessible way and all with a delightful sense of humor. She illuminated what social impact leaders need to understand the legal tax-related rules and regulations for non-profits, and how funders and organizations come together to maximize dollars and undertake advocacy efforts that drive systems-level change.

In our third and final session on Tuesday, April 24 (RSVP here) we will conclude this series by exploring practical and applied advocacy.

By boosting our collective “advocacy literacy,” we hope participants in this workshop series will be better able to evaluate whether, when, and how they want to incorporate advocacy as a social change lever in their philanthropy and work. We look forward to having you join us for our third session on Tuesday, April 24 at 9:00am (RSVP here).