Backyard Impact Social

Community. By itself, it is already a powerful word. On Sunday, May 22, as the newest member of the SV2 team, I got to witness it first-hand.

More than 80 Bay Area locals passionate about social impact gathered in the Noe Valley backyard oasis jointly shared by SVP Partners Rose and David Bloomin and 10 of their friends in adjoining houses. Against the backdrop of colorful shades, Laura Weinbach entertained us with French jazz and serial entrepreneur and angel investor Tony Lam generously shared the cold brew Vietnamese coffee of one of his social ventures Omni. 

SV2 welcomed summer with its first big in-person social gathering since the pandemic, marking an exciting time for SV2’s collective leadership. There were many reasons to celebrate—from the launch of SV2’s new strategic plan focused on equity and power-sharing to the progress of grant recipients from years before. Following the warm words of welcome by hosts Rose Bloomin and SV2 CEO David Onek, SV2 Board Member Kwok Lau, Linda Prieto of Upward Scholars, and Diana Phuong of Braven shared the impact SV2 has had on their organizations and people. 

SV2 plans to host another Backyard Impact Social before fall, welcoming SV2 Partners, Board members, Community Partners (Grantees and Impact Investees), strategic allies, and friends to come together to create community.