Environment Lightning Grant Round (LGR)

Environment issues are now at the forefront of challenges facing the world, with many implications for the Bay Area and our local communities. Regardless of your particular issue interest area, climate will affect it. It’s all interconnected. Climate and environmental justice are foundational to our ability to thrive as individuals and communities. The Lightning Grant Round (LGR) will take place on Tue. Jan. 26th (RSVP here) and Tue. Feb. 9th (RSVP here). This LGR is co-led by SV2 Partners Jennifer McFarlane and Zweli Mfundisi, and SV2 staff Amy Badiani.

This sounds amazing! What will I do and how can I sign up for the LGR?

Partners will review and select from a group of six Bay Area organizations nominated by our Funder Allies. We’re delighted and so grateful to have Heising-Simons Foundation, Sand Hill Foundation, and Yellow Chair Foundation as our Funder Allies for the Spring and Fall Lightning Grant Rounds. Partners will vote on 3 organizations to become finalists.

  1. Funder Ally Call with Laura Wisland – Heising-Simons Foundation and Ash McNeely – Sand Hill Foundation and Yellow Chair Foundation (learn about climate solutions, environmental justice, and why the Funder Allies nominated the organizations, Q&A): Thursday, January 14th 11:30-1:00pm | A calendar invitation will be shared with Environment LGR participants | Open to SV2 Partners, SV2 Teens, and Prospective Partners
  2. Meeting 1 (meet and get to know our three finalist organizations): Tuesday, January 26th 11:00-1:30pm | RSVP here | Open to SV2 Partners, SV2 Teens, and Prospective Partners
  3. Meeting 2 (Partners discuss our three finalist organizations and vote on Grantee): Tuesday, February 9th 11:00-1:30pm. To vote, Partners must read the diligence shared about the three finalist organizations before Meeting 2 and be present at Meeting 2. | RSVP here | Open to SV2 Partners and SV2 Teens

Meeting 1 is open to SV2 Partners and Prospective Partners. Meeting 2 is open to just SV2 Partners. Please RSVP by Monday, January 25th 2021. You’ll get more details once you RSVP and more information about the shortlisted organizations in December.

What is a Lightning Grant Round?

Lightning Grant Rounds are a shortened grantmaking experience, taking place over four to six weeks with only two in-person meetings. For the Lightning Rounds, SV2 collaborates with funder allies who nominate organizations from their portfolios and share their diligence materials with us. Working with funder allies relieves the burden for nonprofit applicants and allows SV2 Partners to learn how our funder allies approach their work. 

During Lightning Rounds, participating Partners have the opportunity to research and get to know six organizations in the sector, learn from funder allies about these organizations, hear presentations from the leaders of three finalist organizations, and collectively select a single Grantee. Lightning Round Grantees receive a one-year general operating support grant of up to $30,000, and participating Partners get to engage in a fantastic hands-on learning experience.