Get Proximate: Roll of the Dice – An Immersive Foster Youth Experience

Join us for SV2’s third Get Proximate experience as we immerse ourselves in understanding foster care on Saturday, November 2nd to “get proximate” to those in the Santa Clara County Dependency Court by participating in an experience facilitated and hosted by SV2 alumni Grantee, Child Advocates of Silicon Valley.  

We will get proximate to the experience of some of the 1,500  foster children and youth in the Santa Clara County foster care system through some creative means, including: 

  • Participate in a simulation called “Fosterland,” that reveals the role of luck in determining the fate of many foster youth through the roll of the dice.
  • Dive into a 9-minute Virtual Reality (VR) experience of a 10-year-old girl in foster care as she navigates some of the many challenges faced by her and many other youth who have suffered from abuse and neglect. (Note: it may not be feasible for all participants to try the VR on 11/2 given a limited number of VR sets and time constraints.)
  •  Exploring the CASA Store, part of Child Advocates’ offices and training center. The CASA Store is a place where advocates and foster children and youth can come to “shop” for essentials like clothing, shoes, developmentally appropriate games, and school supplies.
  • Connect directly with Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) – volunteer adults paired with foster youth to be their court appointed advocates throughout their time in foster care, and others highly engaged in the lives of foster youth.

Child Advocates is currently piloting these facilitated simulations to help others empathize more deeply with the realities of the experience of children and youth in foster care within the constraints that prohibit direct contact for those not formally part of the foster care system.  SV2 Partners (and their teenage children age 16+) are invited to experience and share feedback about Fosterland and the VR experience, to refine this prototype for a variety of audiences. 

Child Advocates of Silicon Valley  is eager to get feedback from SV2 Partners as they beta test both their VR experience and Fosterland game/simulation. 

This Get Proximate experience is open only to Partners and their teenage children age 16 years and older.  Light snacks will be available. 

Pre-and post-experience reflection. 

Once you RSVP here, we will send you some background information/pre-reading and a survey to complete prior to 11/2.  Following our time with Child Advocates, we strongly encourage participants to share reflections via a brief survey and a post-event follow up call.  We will also share ways you can deepen your connection through action. 

More about SV2’s Get Proximate Initiative

Get Proximate is an initiative SV2 launched last program year to help explore the question: “Why do we give?” Most of us donate to and engage with organizations because we believe they are doing important work in the community. But how much do we know about the people and communities these organizations serve and support? How can we truly understand the needs of those in our community without “getting proximate”, without  listening to and understanding their personal stories and perspectives?

SV2’s Get Proximate initiative aspires to create mutually beneficial and authentic experiences with people in our community that have had different — and potentially difficult — life experiences. Our first experience was Around the Table at Maple Street with LifeMoves on 1/21/19 and our second was on 6/4/19 Experience Mayfair: Si Se Puede!