Impact Investing Springboard Learning Session: Meet the Action Leaders

On the evening of Thursday, April 13, we’ll explore how we can move from awareness to action – as an organization and as individual investors regardless of portfolio size. Top field leaders from Omidyar Network and Toniic will share their thinking, research and deep experience with values-aligned portfolios, what it means to generate positive social impact, as well as frameworks for evaluating appropriate returns across asset classes and sectors. Participants will then put these frameworks into action by applying them to OpenInvest, a recent SV2 investee, and Village Enterprise, current SV2 Grantee.
Presenters: Robynn Steffen, Senior Manager Impact Investing, Omidyar NetworkAdam Bendell, CEO, ToniicDianne Calvi, CEO, Village Enterprise (SV2 Grantee); and Joshua Levin, Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer, OpenInvest (SV2 Investee).

Part One: Impact Investing in Action: Action Leaders

Adam Bendell, CEO of Toniic will share early findings from the Toniic 100, a cohort of investors who have committed to 100% Impact Portfolios. The T100 Research Report is full of insights and data that can inform both SV2 and individual journeys from “awareness to action”. The T100 Launch – Insights from the Frontier of Impact Investing 2016  is available from Toniic here.

Robynn Steffen, Senior Manager Impact Investing, Omidyar Network will share Omidyar’s work – presenting the framework set forth in the Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR) article Across the Returns Continuum, along with lessons from Omidyar’s extensive and sustained on-the-ground experience. Robynn will also share how this framework has become a useful tool and could be used by SV2 and our Partners.

The presentations will be followed by open Q&A.

Part Two:  Impact Investing in Action: Emerging Innovation Leaders

We’ll then shift to presentations from two SV2-affiliated organizations that are innovating in the impact investing ecosystem. Joshua Levin, co-founder of recent SV2 Investee OpenInvest, will present how their platform supports “socially responsible investing made easy”.  Dianne Calvi, CEO of  SV2 Grantee, Village Enterprise, will present their plans for the “first development impact bond in poverty alleviation”. After hearing about the impact and business models of these ventures and open Q&A, attendees will engage “hands on” — similar to the SV2 Impact Investing Working Group – discussing potential direct and/or market level impact, as well as how these organizations map into selected Omidyar and Toniic frameworks.