Investing in Climate Solutions Series Kicks Off

The headlines around the climate crisis are sobering: Another year of horrendous wildfires in the western US, extreme heat melting public transportation in Oregon, and record temperatures in Greenland are speeding the glacial melt threatening to slow ocean currents and further increase extreme weather events. But in humanity’s race with climate change, there is good news—we have the solutions today to begin drawing down emissions to mitigate its worst effects, and more innovations are on their way. We all need to do what we can to help. One under-appreciated way is to invest our capital in climate solutions.  

In this overview session of our multi-part learning series, Project Drawdown will give us the latest updates on the problem and its most impactful solutions, and Align Impact will provide an overview of how to invest in climate solutions by asset class across the solution sets (renewable energy, regenerative agriculture, electrifying transportation, etc…), including opportunities to address environmental equity.  

Future sessions will delve deeper into each of the asset classes, identifying more proven, market rate solutions in need of scaling and more innovative, concessionary rate, higher impact ones in need of funding to see if they are viable. The series is being planned and led by SV2 Partners Jennifer McFarlane, Paul Traina, and Tony Stayner.

We are inviting a broad audience to this event — if you know of environment leaders or investors who might be interested, please forward them the RSVP link. If you have questions about the session, please contact Tony Stayner at