Partner Survey Results

The 2023 Partner Survey Results are in! This survey is one way of understanding SV2’s impact on Partners and how we can continue to achieve our mission, learn, make positive social impact and cultivate community. Everyone can read more highlights. SV2 Partners can also read the full report. Thanks to all Partners who completed this survey!

Some highlights:

  • Our Partners are deepening their understanding of community priorities and aspirations and practicing giving with trust and equity. They are also serving more effectively as volunteers, nonprofit board members, and leaders.
    • 98% of Partners indicated that involvement with SV2 increased their level of knowledge about local community needs and solutions and built their confidence in practicing effective giving.
    • 85% of Partners indicated increased ability to advance equitable practices in social impact.
  • Partners self-reported ~$1.3M in follow-on funding to organizations they learned about through SV2.
  • Positive Partner experience, Net Promoter Score of 57.9 (over 0 is positive, over 50 is excellent)
  • We engage with our SV2 and our broader community to inform Grant Round and Learning Session topics listed in the survey.
    • The top rated grant round topics are: Education Equity, Economic Inclusion, Mental Health and Wellbeing, Environment and Tech Nonprofits
    • The top learning session topics are: Impact Investing, Stories of Impact and Re-Connecting with Alumni Grantees, and Learning about the Strengths and Challenges of Different Communities in the Bay Area (e.g. Asian-American Pacific Islanders, Black, LatinX, Indigenous communities), and Nonprofit Strategy Development
  • We noted improvement opportunities including offering advanced learning sessions and offering more in-person events and meetings – e.g. new Partners hearing experience and tips from more seasoned Partners and SV2 Board, and social events.