Philanthropy for the Whole Family

SV2’s family philanthropy offers programming for family members of all ages. Read on to learn about how your family may benefit from SV2 Kids, SV2 Teens, and our adult Family Philanthropy Interest Circle.

SV2 Teens & SV2 Kids

SV2’s family philanthropy offers programming for family members of all ages, from kids to teens to adults. While the specific experience varies by age, the principles of engaged giving hold true across generations. SV2 is about empowering givers (of all ages) to be more informed, strategic, and effective in their giving. Engaged philanthropy starts early, by helping young people grow in awareness both of needs in the community and of organizations working to meet those needs.

The SV2 Kids program offers 4-5 service-learning opportunities each year to Partners and their children (ages 6-12), and is facilitated by SV2 Partner Anne Maloney. Anne comes to the SV2 Kids program with tremendous enthusiasm for helping young people tap into their compassion, connect with the community through service, and share their gifts and talents with the world.

Now in its tenth year, SV2 Teens provides a robust curriculum (over 8 meetings) on philanthropy, due diligence, site visits, and allocation of grant funds. The Teens program is facilitated by youth philanthropy consultants Elizabeth Newton and Karin Scott of Allow Good, who bring deep skill and experience in engaging young people in philanthropy.

Family Philanthropy Interest Circle

Our Family Philanthropy Interest Circle is led by Partners Susan Hanson and Jody Chang. It meets quarterly and offers a safe and confidential space for Partners to discuss learnings, questions, and best practices in their family giving. This group is open to any Partner who takes a structured approach to their family giving–whether a family foundation, DAF, family office, or other vehicle–and who would benefit from a peer exchange and support setting.

Benefits of Practicing Philanthropy as a Family

When a young person is invited to consider what it would be like to start school without shoes that fit properly (My New Red Shoes), or to imagine how it would feel to be in the hospital as a patient or a family member (Ronald McDonald House Charities), empathy grows as a building block for giving and community involvement. When a teen conducts a site visit and learns what questions will best help the group understand the work and impact of a nonprofit organization, strategic thoughtfulness grows as a building block for informed giving. And when adult Partners gather to discuss the challenges and joys of structured family giving, encouragement and insight grow as building blocks for sustained giving over a lifetime.

If you have questions about SV2’s family philanthropy, or would like to get involved, please contact Jody Chang – we’d love to have you anytime!