Supporting our Community Partners (SV2 Grantees) – Beyond the Dollars

Let’s better support our Community Partners (SV2 Grantees). This includes following their leadership, listening, and acting on what’s helpful.

For example:

“…many of their [SV2] team members have attended our events, volunteering their time to support and give feedback to our students during live tournaments…”Silicon Valley Urban Debate League (SVUDL)

In addition to receiving unrestricted funding, BAYCAT tapped into the SV2 network to get access to pro-bono legal consulting from the Stanford Law School Clinic. We’re thrilled that Villy Wang, BAYCAT Executive Director, spoke about Reimagining Meaningful Impact at our 2020 Fall Gathering!

We’re learning that our most valuable BT$ support has included direct volunteering, making connections to our network (e.g. legal advisors, pro-bono consulting, non-profit space, speaking at our events), and increasing organizational health and capacity.

Simultaneously, SV2 has an opportunity to become more clear about what we’re specifically good at and what we can offer. The SV2 BT$ Working Group exists to bridge the gap between Grantee needs and Partner capabilities. This is an important strategic priority for SV2. The Working Group comprises SV2 Partners David Walling, Deb Dauber, Paru Desai, and Rachel Klausner, and SV2 staff member Amy Badiani.

Your completion of the survey by Fri. December 11th and participation in one of the Open Houses on Dec. 16th or Dec. 18th will significantly help in understanding SV2’s strengths and making impactful change with our Community Partners.